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Cerdeimar confirms the success of its new product formats

Following the latest Alimentaria Trade Fair, the benchmark exhibition for the major players of the national and international food sector, Industrias Cerdeimar, S.L., family run company with a longstanding innovative tradition in the processing of seafood products and the manufacturing of ready meals, confirms having made the right decision both in regard to its new formats for their ambient line ready meals (Sea Kitchen) – one of the four BOYA products ranges, its star products, as well as the commercial quality of the rest of its product range.

Despite the concerns of the canning sector regarding the cost of essential raw materials such as tuna or sardine, and even thought the number of exhibitors at this biannual event have decreased, Cerdeimar has benefitted from the significant increase of professional distribution sector visitors from Eastern Europe (Russia, Lithuania ….), South America and Northern Africa (Egypt, Libya…).

Each new Sea Kitchen pack includes an airtight tray with each variety of fish within the range, a container with the garnish and another with the corresponding sauce. Ingredients with which the consumer can prepare a complete fish dish to their taste, 100% natural, low in fat and sodium, skinless and boneless and in line with the highest dietary and quality standards. In this manner, Cerdeimar responds, once again, to the progressive segmentation of the market and the demand for differentiated products and specific formats to suit each taste and or need.

Even though the consumption index of the totality of the products, which Cerdeimar manufacture, has not decreased at any time, the company’s sale drive is proving to be much greater than in previous years. Nonetheless and foreseeing a worsening economic situation, the company management team have designed a plan which includes a reduction of the least necessary costs and an increase in the productivity of its different divisions, with one objective, safeguard their employment levels and maintain their profitability.

Founded in 1884, with its head office in Camariñas (A Coruña), Cerdeimar currently employs 153 people, 80% of which are women and which exports to over 12 countries in 3 continents: Italia, France, Lithuania, Poland, Libya, and Dominican Republic…
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